Aluminum Coil Stock Suppliers: The Uses and Benefits of Aluminum

by Tracy Ehighalua

Aluminum is one of those metals you just can’t do without. They are available all around us and their uses cannot be undermined. It is a preferred metal because of its intrinsic properties. For instance, it is rust and corrosion resistant, and also malleable.

This is why there are many aluminum coil stock suppliers trying to meet the ever growing demands for aluminum.

The Uses and Benefits of Aluminum Coils

The best way to properly discuss aluminum coil uses and benefits is to examine their applications in different industries.


Aluminum coils play a huge role in the making of automobiles. They’re particularly preferred for their lightweight nature, durability, and rust-resistant. Since most automobiles are exposed to the elements of weather, engineers needed a metal that could withstand its changes; aluminum became a viable solution.

Aluminum coils are used in the construction of wheel hubs, engine parts, radiators, air conditioners, etc.


Like automobiles, buildings are exposed to weather elements. It’s no surprise that aluminum is chosen since it doesn’t corrode and rust. Besides its use in the exterior of buildings, it is also used in making ceilings, doors, pressure plates, windows, etc.

Food industry

As humans, much of our health is determined by the quality of food we eat. As food processing industries grew into prominence, they needed a package material that wouldn’t poison or affect the integrity of the processed food. Among other options, aluminum coils stood out because of their properties.

Since it was malleable, it could be bent and shaped easily into whatever container design was needed. With food stored insides, there’s no fear of contamination since there would be no corrosion or rust. This is why it is the most popular packaging metal in the food industry.

Electronic appliances

Of a truth, aluminum may seem infallible but when it comes to electrical conductivity, it pales in comparison with other metals like copper. However, this does not mean it doesn’t have good electrical conductivity, copper just has a higher conductivity.

In spite of this, it has still endeared the hearts of electrical engineers for its corrosion-resistant abilities. Although it doesn’t conduct electricity as much as copper, it does have a longer lifespan. This is why it is still chosen for use in power lines and outdoor appliances like air conditioning units. There are not many metals with the lifespan of aluminum that can resist weather’s elements and still be affordably priced.

Other Industries

Apart from the above-mentioned industries, aluminum is used across many others like aviation and ships. A very crucial property of aluminum that makes it so popular is the price. On an industrial scale, humans look for resources that are readily available and better priced. This makes the cost of production and the end cost of the product fall within an affordable rate.


We often don’t give aluminum the praise it truly deserves. A metal built so strong that it can withstand weather’s elements but is generally considered a lightweight material. It is malleable and allows for easy reshaping. A good conductor of electricity, and has a long lifespan.

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