Is the Tobacco Industry Growing?

by Tracy Ehighalua
Is the Tobacco Industry Growing?

Is the Tobacco Industry Growing?

Many people say that the tobacco industry is in decline. But is this really true or is it all rhetoric to create a sense of despair? Is the tobacco industry growing at an alarming rate? Is there something we are not talking about? Let us find out.

The tobacco industry employs more people than any other industry. Every year tobacco plant workers are needed to prevent crops from being devastated by pests, diseases, and insects. The tobacco industry employs over one million people globally. Of course, this does not include the direct workers but those indirectly affected by the tobacco industry such as those who handle the tobacco and the products made from it.

Tobacco growing and tobacco processing plants have been sprouting like mushrooms in places like Kentucky and Illinois. Some parts of the United States like Montana and Oregon have seen a rapid increase in business in the tobacco industry over the last five years. This is because of the increased demand for tobacco in these states. Some areas in the United States have seen less growth, however. These include Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

Is the tobacco industry doing well? Yes, but it is not at the same pace as it was twenty-five years ago. There is still tobacco demand worldwide but there is also a great deal of potential for growth in the United States. Some states such as Tennessee and Virginia, which were previously tobacco-dependent are now seeing new jobs being created in the tobacco industry.

Growth in the tobacco industry is not only dependent on consumers who buy cigarettes in the United States. The tobacco industry also feeds off of developing nations. In countries like Brazil and South Africa, where tobacco is grown the tobacco industry provides employment to many of these people. In addition they use tobacco products locally for medical purposes when they can not get prescribed drugs from doctors locally.

Cigars are also produced in these developing countries. In countries like Colombia the government has begun subsidizing small farmers who grow tobacco for this purpose. This is a very important market for the developing world. Cigars are usually expensive due to the high quality of the ingredients and due to the scarcity of the actual tobacco. Because of this some smaller producers have started making lower quality cigars that are more affordable for local consumers.

Is the tobacco being sold as greenbacks? Greenbacks are counterfeit cigars that are made in countries such as Brazil. These are grown in other countries such as Honduras and Jamaica. Although the popularity of “greenback” cigars has declined recently it is still growing in the developing world.

Is the tobacco industry influenced by political instability in countries around the world? Now the tobacco industry is not affected by political issues in any way. The tobacco industry is a free market with no censorship whatsoever. If there were restrictions, the industry would simply move abroad and manufacture tobacco in places where they did not have political stability.

Why are there so many cigarette smokers? The answer is simple, nicotine makes you want to smoke. There are many people around the world that do not have cigarettes. These people include countries in Southeast Asia, South America and even parts of Europe that have very low cigarette smoking rates. Of course there are always individuals that cannot stop smoking. The solution to this problem is the marketing of cigarettes to people in different countries.

Where is the tobacco made? Some tobacco comes from the South American country of Brazil. Other tobacco comes from India. China, Malaysia, Thailand and the United States all have tobacco manufacturing companies that are growing tobacco.

Is the tobacco being adulterated with estrogen or another substance? There have been studies in the past that have suggested that some tobacco products may contain something called estrogen. This is actually an ingredient used to make tobacco seem “clean”. Is the tobacco industry growing because the amount of estrogen is rising?

When you think about all of these things, it can be hard to answer the question “Is the tobacco industry growing?” but it is definitely a legitimate concern. More tobacco companies are popping up left and right. In order for you to stop the growing process of tobacco, you need to take a close look at what is being produced.

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