Top Drywall Bolts and Anchors and Their Uses

by Tracy Ehighalua

At home, you need some items like molly bolt on standby since you can never be sure when you will need to use them. At times, you will need to hang something on the wall, but there isn’t any stud to use. It can be tempting to hit anything on the wall and hang your item. But the damage you may cause to the wall can be extreme. That is why you need to use the right bolt at the right time and for the right purpose. There are distinct bolts you can use on the walls, but they are made differently to suit different purposes. So, you need to check the maximum weight a bolt can hold, the size of an item, and the type of the item. This article explains different bolts, including molly bolts, expansion drywall anchors, self-drilling drywall anchors, and toggle bolts.

Different wall bolts and their uses

Let us start exploring the different bolts you should have at home, and we shall start with molly bolts.

Molly Bolts

When you look closely, you may confuse molly bolts with the plastic anchors specified for hanging items light in weight. As for the case of molly bolts, they are simple to fix and install. They are meant for items with mid-weight ranging from 20 – 50 lbs. When compared with other bolts, molly bolts are unique in that they are flexible enough since you can easily remove the screw and reinsert it without affecting the anchor. They are made from either heavy-duty zinc steel or plastic. The metals can hold greater weight, and they are durable.

Molly bolts are best fitted in the ceiling, and they can hold items like TV stands, photo frames, and smoke alarms, among many others. Don’t worry about the weight range; they are always specified on the package.

Self-drilling drywall anchors

Also known as threaded anchors, these self-drilling drywall anchors are meant to hold heavy objects that are hanging. They have a threaded and sharp end, hence the name self-drilling. This implies that you don’t need to drill a hole before you start the installation process. The maximum weight is always marked on the package, but these bolts can hold up to 110 lbs. Be sure to use these bolts for hanging heavy items such as wall mirrors and larger pic frames. Do not install them on the ceiling.

Toggle Bolts

Another set of bolts you need to have at home is the toggle bolts. They are meant to be pushed through an already drilled hole, then secured to the wall. They can carry heavy items of around 100 lbs. If you want to install them on the ceiling, only use them for medium-weight objects.

Expansion drywall anchors

These ones are small anchors made of plastic materials. They are meant to hold lightweight items such as toilet paper roll hangers and curtain rods. The unique feature of these bolts is that they can expand and can also break down the drywall. These bolts can only handle a weight of around 5 – 20 lbs. maximum.


Bolts are essential items you should have on standby at home. They save you the stress of hanging any item you want on your wall. It is essential that you note the different types of bolts and the purpose they should serve as described in this article.

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