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by Tracy Ehighalua

The cornerstone of modern communication is fiber optic cable, which enables the seamless transfer of information, sound, and video over full-size distances with amazing speed and dependability.

Due to the benefits it offers, which include high bandwidth, resistance to interference, and long-distance transmission, it is now the preferred option for running the internet, communications, and other vital systems. The contemporary era of fiber optic cable has revolutionized communication.

It acts as the foundation of modern communication networks, enabling the transmission of high-velocity data across long distances with little signal loss. Here just go to website so that you can obtain the required details.

Why Pick Up Bonelinks?

Select Bonelinks as your go-to source for fiber optic products. They are the perfect partner for wholesalers, e-commerce sellers, and ISPs because of their premium fiber optic equipment, affordable prices, and top-notch customer support.

  • They are a dependable provider for larger purchases since their high-quality fiber optic goods are offered at affordable pricing.
  • They help you by providing quick delivery and flexible minimum order sizes. Their excellent fiber optic products and competitive pricing are created for the success of your online store.
  • With Their complete solution, your procurement will be easier. They provide specialized fiber optic products and knowledgeable support for the efficient completion of projects. Streamline your production process by relying on our superior quality.

Steps to Obtain Fiber Optics Products

Within a short lead time, they can finish the design you require swiftly and provide to you with fiber optic solutions and products that are uniquely tailored to your needs. They make fiber optics that are robust, affordable, and adapt well to their intended environments thanks to their effective and meticulous production methods.


Verify fiber optic cable specifications and special details with their professionals. All of this can be resolved in an hour.

Confirmation & Payment

Make the advance payment transfer once all the specifics have been decided. It often takes 1 or 2 days for the money to reach our bank account.

Production & Inspection

Production will be scheduled as soon as the money has been received, and they’ll keep you informed. Shipping typically takes two to three weeks.


Before shipment, they will email you information on the products and packaging. The port may receive all shipments on the same day.

Types of Fiber Cables

It’s critical to comprehend the variations among the many varieties of fiber optic cable. Each is unique and will work well in different situations, applications, or sectors. Here are some of the major types of fiber cable:

Glass Fiber Cable

Glass fiber is frequently utilized in more difficult and distant applications. It is frequently more expensive to buy and install than more affordable plastic alternatives, which also offer more flexibility and usability for the majority of non-specialized applications.

Single-Mode Cable

There are various cable configuration kinds, such as single-mode and multimode optical fibers. At a distance, they offer varying potential performance levels. Single-mode fiber optic cables have a core diameter of only a few nanometers and are made of one glass fiber strand.

Light passing through it experiences far less internal reflection, which reduces attenuation and enables much faster data transfer over greater distances. For transmitting signals across great distances, this setup is commonly utilized.

Multi-Mode Cable

In contrast, multimode cables have larger cores that simultaneously direct many modes. Reflection is considerably increased by multimode fiber cabling. Because of the increased attenuation and dispersion rates, the bandwidth delivery over short distances is also increased.

Multimode fiber optic cabling is generally used for applications that require significant data volumes transmitted over shorter distances (such as communication data in or between a limited confined areas). Multimode fiber, commonly referred to as multi-core, comes in a variety of specifications.

Bottom Line

A trustworthy fiber optics manufacturer, Bonelinks provides High-density datacom cabling, WDM, PLC splitters, and a variety of persistent solutions for fiber interactions are all provided by Bonelinks. Because of their years of involvement in the industry, they have become a reliable partner for all of your fiber optic requirements.

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