What Industry is a Horticulturist in?

by Tracy Ehighalua
What Industry is a Horticulturist in?

What Industry is a Horticulturist in?

So what industry is horticulturist in? If you are looking for careers as a horticulturist, it may be best to begin by answering the question from the title. What industry is horticulturist in? In many ways, the answer to this question depends on what type of horticulturist you wish to be. While there are many different types of horticulture, most specialize in one or two.

For example, some specialize in breeding certain plants, others in flower arranging and even planting exotic shrubs. Others work for companies that grow and market plants. The type of horticulturist you choose will depend upon what you wish to do with your career. Some of the other careers available are:

Gardening is one of the more popular career choices for horticulturists. It is a rewarding career with a wide range of responsibilities. A gardener needs to have good time management skills to be successful. Plants require a lot of water and nutrients and, unless they are properly cared for, will wither and die. It can be a difficult profession. There are many different types of flowers and plants that need to be tended to such as roses, tulips, gerberas, and bees.

Another job available is to build horticultural structures. This is often referred to as landscape architecture. Landscape architecture includes everything from building arches and fences to planting trees and shrubs. A horticulturist working in this field may have to design a garden around a set budget. They will also be responsible for choosing the plants that will grow best in the space given.

Some people think that horticulture is simply planting seeds in the ground and watching them grow. This is not the only aspect of horticulture though. It involves more than simply growing seeds. In fact, horticulture involves the art and science of growing and harvesting plants in order to provide the nutrients needed for growing and providing food. Horticulturists may work in research and development on new plants, helping to discover new ways to grow and keep plants healthy.

Many people have horticulturist friends and family members who grow amazing gardens full of bright, vibrant flowers. These gardens are a beautiful extension of the horticulturist’s own home. So, what industry is horticulturist in? Often times the answer to that question requires an understanding of how plants grow. The horticulturist works with a team of other people, depending on the type of garden he or she is involved with, to make sure that each step of the process happens smoothly.

There are many different jobs that are included in the horticulture industry. Plant breeders, who are responsible for creating the new line of plants that will be sold for a profit, work with a panel of experts to choose which plants are going to be successful. Greenhouse workers provide the environment for the plant to grow, including lighting and ventilation. Gardeners provide advice to the breeders and greenhouse workers about what plants will be most successful and how they should be marketed. Many people in the horticulture industry work in marketing and advertising. Marketing research is often conducted on new plants to find out which ones are the most popular and what they can do for the market.

So, that’s the basic answer to the question “what industry is horticulturist in?” Just remember that the horticulture industry isn’t only focused on growing and selling plants. It also includes many other jobs, such as planting, caring for plants, trimming, weeding and others. Horticulture is truly one of the most interesting fields in agriculture. Anyone interested in pursuing this career should check out the National Horticulture Association website to find out more about certification, training and other important information.

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